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Webinars & Campaigns

Webinars & Campaigns

Masses of information everywhere can leave you confused. The journey to your healthy lifestyle should be simple and sweet! Our webinars and campaigns can be informative and can leave you with utter clarity for your health needs!

We have conducted nutrition camps, exhibitions and group sessions for several charitable organizations including Ashadeep Sanstha, Martu Sewa Sangh, SVK Shikshan Sanstha in and around the Nagpur area.

Nutrigood has also held talks for a variety of organizations and groups both locally and nationally, including the Air Force Wives Association, the South East Central Railway, Lady Amritbai Daga College, the Virohan Institute, Nabira College, C.P. & Berar College, and others.

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We’ll help you assess your usual dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed. Change is easy sometimes! Let us help you make it!


The inclusion of healthy eating habits and empowering our clients to take responsibility for their own health is our whole and complete duty! Let us guide you to your healthier self!


Flexible meal planning allows you to eat foods that meet your daily macronutrient targets. This type of eating allows dieters to make their own food choices, which may help them maintain their weight loss over time and develop a positive and healthy connection with food.

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Unlock the Healthier You. Internet trends and tricks can wait. Health cannot wait.
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