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Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education

As part of our mission to boost nutrition and health awareness, We deliver academic lectures as faculty in nutrition and public health courses. I teach at Dharampeth M.P. Deo Memorial Science College, Nagpur, and I am an empanelled Academic Counselor at IGNOU. Additionally, I am a faculty at various short online and offline courses. We also conduct study sessions for public health and dietetics students to help them better understand the academics of the subjects.

We will soon introduce short-term courses tailored to basic nutritional health information for the general community. These courses will help you better understand your health. Our courses are ideal for expanding their knowledge on various nutrition and health topics. In addition, these courses will provide practical scenarios to help you use evidence-based nutrition information in your daily life.

key Benefits:

Interactive and Engaging lessons

My classes are interactive and engaging for students to keep them interested and motivated to learn more. An interactive approach can help engage students by better-grasping topics and boosting interest in the study material.

Easy to understand and simple

My courses and lessons aim to provide simple, reliable, and easy-to-understand course material better to understand concepts and topics on nutrition and health.

Focus on Practical Knowledge

My courses give you a brief insight into the world of nutrition and health. I focus on teaching my students through simple real-life examples during my teaching sessions. This can help them understand concepts easily and promote a practical approach in this field.

Our Course

Nutrition courses are a great way to learn about the science of nutrition or to improve your skills and knowledge to enhance practical training. It is critical to have a fundamental awareness of how good eating affects our life. 

Coming Soon

This course will provide you with reliable information about the food system from food industry experts. You’ll learn about food contaminants, food safety, ethical issues, and food sustainability so you can be a responsible partner in the food system. Discover the fascinating world of food science and feel empowered to make food choices that are safe, healthy, and sustainable.
This course emphasizes food-based techniques to preserve health and avoid disease, and it draws on a wide range of disciplines, from nutrigenomics to nutrition to consumer behavior, with a focus on the physiology of eating. It also includes the negative health consequences of insufficient food and micronutrient deficiencies in the developing world.
This course teaches nutrition from a balanced standpoint that considers the entire picture rather than a narrow reductionist one that counts calories and separates nutrients. You will learn how to concentrate on eating the correct foods rather than being sidetracked by trying to gain specific nutrients.

Food has been used for medical purposes for hundreds of years and is a feature of many cultures worldwide. Explore its current function in health and disease; broaden your knowledge of nutrition science and how it directs us on what and how much to eat for health; and learn how to apply evidence-based nutrition knowledge to guide what food can be used as medicine for you and your family. This course is intended for anybody with an interest in food, nutrition, and health, and there is no prior knowledge or expertise in scientific or health studies required.

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