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Hello there, I’m Meghna Pandit.

As a Nutritionist, my passion for food and science blend together and motivate me to raise nutrition and public health awareness on healthy eating. My mission is to help nurture the idea of healthy eating and lifestyle in the community, with a focus on the Indian way of life.

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Global Flavor – Turmeric
Global Flavor - Turmeric
Inputs on turmeric by Meghna Pandit in blog by Toby AmidorMS RD CDN, FAND.
8 Tips For Healthy Eating
8 Tips For Healthy Eating
Article written by Jinan Banna...
Health Care in Pandemic
Health Care in Pandemic
We were caught unawares by the coronavirus pandemic and when scientists and doctors
Are Today’s Children Overfed or Underfed?
Are Today's Children Overfed or Underfed?
As a result of wrong food choices, the risk of malnutrition (overnutrition & undernutrition) increases in children
Health Care in Pandemic
Health Care in Pandemic
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