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Nutri-talks & Webinars
Nutritalks & webinar

Nutri-talks & Webinars

Hey there! Are you looking for a dietician that is honest, upbeat, and mindfully balanced in their approach? A well-informed speaker in her field will guide you towards promoting positivity around nutrition and health? 

You’ve arrived at the right place! I work towards promoting healthy eating and nutrition in the community. I conduct nutritional talks and presentations online and offline to speak on similar topics in various groups and communities. I deliver credible and easy-to-understand information for my sessions. My goal is to push the idea of healthy eating and nutritional health among people. 

I have presented to a number of local, national, and international institutions and organizations, including the Air Force Wives Association, the South East Central Railway, Lady Amritbai Daga College, the Virohan Institute Nabira College, C.P. & Berar College, Diablo Valley, and others. I have also been invited to speak on several podcasts.

Key Features :

Engaging & Interactive Presentations:

Interesting and easy-to-understand sessions with a lot of interaction to keep your group engaged and motivated.

Evidence Based & Scientifically Backed Information

Our information is backed by evidence (Hello science!) and researched thoroughly! We provide credible and easy-to-understand nutrition information for your health benefits! 

Indian Lifestyle

My work focuses on mindful eating within Indian culture and providing eating habits and tips suitable for our body and climate.

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