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Nutritalks & webinar

Nutritalks and Webinars

We deliver credible and easy-to-understand nutrition and public health information through our engaging and interactive nutritional talks and webinars. We have presented to various institutes and organizations, on a local, national and international level. on topics related to nutrition, public health, and healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to raise awareness about nutrition, public health, and the importance of living a healthy lifestyle in the community.

Nutrition Education

Learning more today can help you every day! We conduct lectures as faculty in nutrition and public health courses and conduct coaching classes for public health and dietetics students. We also offer intensive short-term courses to help you better understand your health. Our courses are focused on Nutrition, Public Health and Dietetics.

Campaigns & workshop

From short demos to continuous Campaigns, we join hands with experts from various fields to offer you a customized program based on the target audience. We run campaigns and workshops to promote wellness among various communities. We deliver fun, engaging and informative sessions to groups and promote the idea of healthy eating and raise more awareness. 

Nutrition & Health writing

A qualified dietitian gives your product reviews, recipes, and newsletter articles legitimacy. As a published author and freelance writer, I am comfortable researching and writing about food and health for articles, blog posts, recipes, product reviews, and other formats. I also contribute to various websites and magazines as a health columnist.

Our Beliefs

Health is Wealth

One’s health is the greatest wealth
Nutrition is not expensive!
Healthy eating is light and pocket friendly!
Good Food Choices are Good Investments

What you eat is who you are!

Blogs Highlights

Global Flavor – Turmeric
Global Flavor - Turmeric
Inputs on turmeric by Meghna Pandit in blog by Toby AmidorMS RD CDN, FAND.
Meghna Pandit’s Book Launch on Women’s Day!
Meghna Pandit’s Book Launch on Women’s Day!
On the occasion of International Women’s day, I successfully launched my two books ‘The Basics of Public Health’ and ‘Laboratory Manual- Health Science & Hygiene and Public Health’ at MP Deo Dharampeth Science College, Nagpur. My books will be useful for BSc Home Science Students in the last two semesters. More
Ms. Meghna Pandit from India achieved the “Global Woman Icon Award 2022”
Ms. Meghna Pandit from India achieved the “Global Woman Icon Award 2022”
8 Tips For Healthy Eating
8 Tips For Healthy Eating
Article written by Jinan Banna...
CAND presentation
CAND presentation
Presented to HAND Members
Health Care in Pandemic
Health Care in Pandemic
We were caught unawares by the coronavirus pandemic and when scientists and doctors
Are Today’s Children Overfed or Underfed?
Are Today's Children Overfed or Underfed?
As a result of wrong food choices, the risk of malnutrition (overnutrition & undernutrition) increases in children
Health Care in Pandemic
Health Care in Pandemic
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