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Want to work with a nutritionist who is honest, positive and mindfully balanced? Let’s work together and help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking for a speaker, faculty member, or writer, or looking for resources and products promoting healthy lifestyle. At The Nutrigood, we provide various resources, solutions, and services to promote healthy eating and healthy living.

I consciously follow the motto: “Health is wealth” because I firmly believe you need to invest in your health to live a healthy lifestyle. The focus on eating the right foods for your health is crucial in building a healthy lifestyle. We focus largely on the Indian diet and food culture. My services promote easy, doable and pocket friendly solutions to achieve better health status in the community.

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Meghna Pandit, M.Sc(DFSM), M.Sc(Microbiology), NET, CNCC, CNM, Certified Nutrigenomics Counsellor

Hi, I’m Meghna Pandit. A dedicated nutritionist, speaker, author and educator. My passion is to help prioritize nutrition and health awareness in the community and to promote the idea of healthy eating. I’ve researched nutrition science and discovered that healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes promote healing and balanced life. I’ve used what I’ve learned to better my health.

With over a decade of experience in nutrition and public health, my work has been focused on creating nutrition and public health awareness in the community. I’ve taught in schools and colleges, successfully run campaigns, workshops, webinars, and written articles for websites and publications as a well-known author and health columnist. I am a part of the Indian Dietetic Association and the Association of Diabetes Educators, and the Joint Secretary of the Nutrition Society of India’s Nagpur Chapter.

My Story

Before my journey and education in nutrition, I struggled with making the right food choices for myself and my family. With so many questions about nutrition and everyone offering diet advice, it was overwhelming to sort between facts and myths.

As a science enthusiast, I was seeking to stay involved in the subject while working in the family business. Although I held a master’s degree in microbiology, I decided to pursue dietetics due to my fascination with the subject. While pursuing a master’s degree in dietetics, I discovered my passion for community nutrition. In my first speaking engagement, I addressed a group of women in rural Nagpur as part of a nutrition education program. During the talk, I realized how many people lack the knowledge and motivation to adopt the right eating habits, resulting in malnutrition.

Thus, my objective when learning and teaching nutrition and public health was to promote an awareness of people’s food habits and understanding of proper eating habits. It is vital to understand how important proper nutrition is to our health.

My Specializations :

Nutrition & Lifestyle
Community Nutrition & Food Safety
Public Health

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy to take care of your nutritional health with a hectic lifestyle with a little planning. Deciding your day’s/week’s menu which includes easy and quick recipes, shopping accordingly, and doing some prep beforehand, helps you to keep yourself on track for healthy eating.
Healthy food is not expensive!! Rather sometimes it is cheaper than unhealthy food. A packet of chips may cost Rs.10 and u may be able to get 4 bananas for the same amount (at least in Nagpur). It comes down to making the right choices.
Bodyweight alone does not give an accurate picture of the health status of an individual. Although being overweight and underweight increases the risk of disease, several other factors like fat mass, muscle mass and distribution of body fat, etc. need to be assessed to obtain a clear picture of a person’s health status.
Absolutely. We offer only evidence-based, latest literature and research. The content of our writing engagements and blog is built following a strict referencing and research process. In all cases where guest authors contribute to this site, the content is edited and fact-checked by Meghna. We review the content at least annually and update it as necessary based on scientific advances.
Our talks and presentations are tailored to the target audience. Our sessions deliver simple and easy-to-understand messages that are sure to resonate with the target audience.
Our education programmes offer sessions for students to help them with the syllabus of their curriculum. We also offer short courses for everyone interested in food, nutrition, or related aspects
Absolutely. We feature products only from those vendors who have all the licenses and registrations.

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